Agitation & Mixing


KRS is a provides industrial solutions for mixing liquids variety of applications optimum strength, high safety factor & long service life have been realized with a marked improvement in load factor. While increasing the capacity over the offered by completing mixers of the same class, each model is extremely compact, light and sturdy, furthermore, the use of light metal alloys materials for the housing and the elimination of all excessive material have achieved an all-around cost saving effect while simplifying operation and maintenance.

  • Vertical Agitators
  • Portable Agitators
  • Custom Order Like Flocculates & Clarifiers
  • Solid-Liquid Blending

Static Mixer

The Static Mixer is a unique static type mixing unit with no actuator. We incorporate static mixers into a wide range of mixing applications and work towards revolutionary development of the mixing process.

Available MOC in MS, MS+FRP, FRP, PP, PVC, SS304, SS316.